Dr. A. Glykeriou

Dr. Antonis Glykeriou, MD
Eye surgeon

Dr. Antonis Glykeriou was born and raised in Nicosia. He graduated from the Pancyprian Gymnasium in 1981 and after completing his military duties he studied at the Medical School of the University of Moscow where in 1991 he received his medical degree.

He then specialized for four years in Ophthalmology and Ocular Microsurgery until 1995, at various Clinical Hospitals of the same faculty.

From 1995 until the end of 2008, he lived in Moscow and worked as an Ophthalmic Surgeon in the areas of corneal treatment, anterior and posterior segment (retinal) diseases, cataract surgery, refractive surgery and glaucoma, as well as pediatric ophthalmology.

He has received postgraduate degrees in:

  • Pediatric Ophthalmology at the Pediatric School of the Russian National Medical Research University (Pirogov), Moscow.
  • Laser treatment methods in ophthalmology at the Russian Research Institute for Eye Diseases (Krasnov), Moscow.
  • Cataract Surgery using the method of “Phacoemulsification and no stitch surgery” at the Institute of Microsurgery of the Eye (Fyodorov), Alcon Wetlab, St. Petersburg.

Since 2009 he has been living and working in Nicosia where he founded Optilaser Ophthalmic Center.

Member of:

  • The Cyprus Ophthalmological Society
  • The Hellenic Society of Intraocular lenses and Refractive Surgery
  • The Russian Ophthalmological Society
  • The European Society of Cataract Surgery and Refractive Surgery


  • Greek
  • Russian
  • English

Activities, occupation:

  • General ophthalmological examination
  • Pediatric ophthalmological examination, amblyopia treatment
  • Cataract surgery, phacoemulsification
  • Cataract refractive surgery
  • Refractive surgery to treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism with Excimer Laser, implantable contact lenses (ICL) or clear lens exchange.
  • Treatment of presbyopia using the Monovision method
  • Treatment of Corneal Cross Linking and / or Excimer Laser
  • Pharmaceutical and surgical treatment of glaucoma
  • Diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases by laser methods and intravitreal injections
  • Ophthalmologic micro-interventions for removing chalazion, pterygium, xanthelasma, cysts etc.