Postoperative instructions after Corneal Cross-linking (CXL)

Eye Drops


  • Shake the eye drops thoroughly before each use.
  • Squeeze 1-2 drops of each eye, 4 times a day, for the appropriate days.
  • Before using the second eye drops, wait five minutes.

Dexafree (corticosteroid):
One Drop 4 times a day in the operated eye for 10 days.

Thealoz Duo (Artificial tears):
They are used at will if you deem that you have significant eye irritation. (They help to moisten the eyes and make the vision more comfortable).

If you have significant pain in the first 1-3 days use a tablet of Lonarid N every 4-6 hours.

How do you use the drops:

  • Tilt your head
  • Open your eyes as much as you can without touching the eyelids at all.
  • Press the container so that a drop can fall into the eye. Be careful not to touch the tip of the container in the eye.
  • Close the eye for a few seconds.
  • If more than one drop is needed, wait for a few minutes before adding the next.

In any other case please contact me immediately.

Dr. Antonis Glykeriou
Ophthalmic Surgeon