Pediatric ophthalmological examination and treatment

Preventive ophthalmological examination, as well as the early diagnosis and treatment of children’s problems that they can bring with their birth or present during their development, will undoubtedly prevent a reduction in their vision that can accompany them in their entire life.

Ophthalmological examination of children should be done:

  • Immediately after childbirth by the pediatrician and during the first week by an ophthalmologist. If the pediatrician diagnoses a pathological condition, he then refers the infant to an ophthalmologist.
  • 6-12 months of age becomes the first complete ophthalmological examination.
  • 3-5 years, but certainly before the first grade of the school so that the child starts school without eye problems.
  • Every 6-12 months depending on the findings and suggestions of the ophthalmologist.

In our center, we examine children of all ages and difficulties. Common diseases such as Amblyopia and Strabismus, when diagnosed early, are treated with the latest methods.